FAQ Section

  1. Is there a dress code?

    We prefer to adopt a more modest dress code, recommending fitted or semi-fitted yoga pants (leggings will suffice) and a loose but not baggy t-shirt. You can wear a sports bra in class, but we ask that you bring a shirt to cover up in public. No jeans, jean shorts, not bathing suit tops/bottoms, or short skirts...

  2. What about shoes?

    The type of shoe recommended will depend a lot on the style of dance you are learning. For many things (like Belly Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and a few others) a cloth ballet flat, soft (split-sole) jazz shoe, or even stockings/socks are recommended (although belly dance is often practiced and performed barefoot). For other things, a character shoe or dance sneaker will suffice. No Flamenco shoes, cleats, or tap shoes...

  3. What else should I bring?

    Well, besides a good attitude, a willingness to participate, and your beautiful smile, you will want to consider bringing a bottle of water, small hand towel, and a lock to secure your belongings in the lockers provided in each of the changing areas We have a dispenser in the Gathering Room that you can use to refill your bottle with purified water. Free of charge - We want our dancers to stay hydrated!

  4. What if I'm... ?
    too old, to big, too small, have a belly, have no hips, am too shy, Too Anything? Can I still dance – even if I've never danced before?

    ABSOLUTELY!! The beauty of dance is that it empowers, repairs, and builds each individual in our own way. (Therefore you only have to be READY to dance!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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