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Arielle Giordino shows you how You Can Begin Aging Backwards

Zumba and Yoga Classes Added to Schedule (near the end of the month)


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ShimmyMob - Annual Flash Mob Event we participate in (raising awareness & funds for Domestic Violence)
Let the movement begin... Scimitar Studios is proud to host 2 Teams at our facility! Team Largo and Team Seminole


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Tribal Solstice - Join our caravan of dancers heading over to train with the awesome linup of instructors and performers they bring every year!


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Become A Belly Dancer Course (BBDC™) - Certification Intensive
2016 marks the 3rd consectutive year we have hosted this event.  No matter your current level of training - you will benefit and advance you dance taking this course!


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Melodia's fit the body so well!


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