Studio Rules!

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A Belly Dance community is all about positive energy and respect to each other.
I take that very serious, and want to ensure a harmonious experience for you.
Here are a few rules you must uphold based on respect to me and
and to your fellow dancers in order to remain a dancer with Scimitar Studios.

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I have a right to refuse services to inconsistent students, students with an outstanding balance, drama driven, bad attitudes, disruptive individuals, or those who do not meet the performance / costume requirements. I have built the studio upon your best interest and work very hard to provide my students with a positive, drama free, and non-competitive environment (and will ask anyone to leave who inhibits that).



No observers are permitted to view or sit in on classes. Class space is limited, and this can cause distractions and makes new dancers feel uncomfortable while they are in learning process.



I do not offer babysitting so please don't ask if your child can stay during class times.



No visitors will be allowed to linger in the dance room or waiting area while classes are being held. The waiting room is for students arriving a few minutes before their class session starts, and will not be used as a lounge area for kids, parents, husbands/boyfriends, etc. while classes are being held. Please make arrangements so this will not be an issue.



No un-enrolled students are allowed in the dance room during class times.



Classes are Flat Rate Per Month or Single Class Drop-in. You pay that amount regardless if you miss classes during the month to remain an active student.

Non-Members Members (6 Month Pass)
  • Single Class Drop in - $15

  • Single Class Monthly - $45
    Class meets once per week

  • Unlimited Monthly - $75
  • Single Class Drop in - $10
    (This price also available to your
    friend when they attend a class
    with you)

  • Single Class Monthly - $35
    Class meets once per week

  • Unlimited Monthly - $50


No refunds or pro-rated discounts of any kind unless classes are canceled on my behalf.

  • There will be a $10 late fee on all class fees not paid by the first week of the month.
  • There will be a $25 processing fee added to all returned checks.



Material is subject to copyright. Years of time, expense, training and experience have gone into my teachings and cannot be used without my permission. Failure to cooperate will end in a permanent dismissal from the studio.



Recitals are open to current students and Alumni only.



No outside video cameras are allowed during recitals and shows.



I respect your privacy. I do not give personal information such as email address or phone numbers of other students, so please don't ask. All bulk emails (such as our monthly Newsletter and class/event emails) are sent out via BCc (blind carbon copy). This means that you see only your email as recipiant (but no onel else's).



No merchandise is to be taken from the studio unless paid for in full. I am more than happy to hold items you place on lay-away - when secured with a deposit. There is a $10 late fee for lay-away payments not paid when due. Understanding that situations sometimes arise - I allow a 3 day grace period before marking a payment late. Consistantly late payments will result in full payment for items coming due as of your third late payment (or forfit of items, your deposit, and any payments made to date).



All dancers should carry a positive attitude! No negative energy allowed.
Please uphold our drama free and non-competitive atmosphere!



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