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Enjoy classes that are friendly, fun, of the highest quality (and stress the importance of proper dance technique). Experienced instructors create a supportive and fun environment to learn in. Along with a myriad of performance opportunities for those choosing to participate. We sponsor and host a number of workshops, intensives, and master classes, and other events that we sponsor and host throughout the year (catering to Adults 18+ and older Youth age 11-17).

In addition to dance classes themselves, we focus on directly supporting dance by assisting students in building the skills, strength, and flexibility that they need to dance their best, as well as conditioning and restorative exercises to avoid injury. We endeavor to do so at affordable rates (including discounts and flexible tuition options).

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It's more than just dance to us!

Scimitar Studios values our community and we support many fund-raising efforts sponsored throughout our local community here. It is through community service that we can teach (and learn) the value of human kindness. “Together, We Can Make A Difference” is our studio's fund-raising motto. This is the generation of dancers that can step up and make a change in human kindness and create positive attitudes for our future. These are the values Scimitar Studios strives to promote with each of our dancers.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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