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Our website (and our business)
has been undergoing a metamorphsis

Our metamorphsisis

No longer providing open instruction to the general public as a traditional brick & mortar studio - we have switched over to providing specialized one-on-one private instruction and small semi-private group classes, personal mentoring, and career coaching to dancers who are serious about their art and ready for the next level.


The Tampa Bay Area has a vibrant and growing belly dance community. There are any number of excellent teachers and studios where you can learn this ancient dance. Unfortunately there are also a number of Unqualified Instructors, Social Bullies & Toxic Personalities that are undermining and wreaking havoc on this same community... 

It is because of these individuals
that we have set ourselves on a mission
to create a different kind of dance community.

One that chooses to empower and uplift it's members (vs. being denigrated & disparaged, or excluded because they are
not a member of this clique or that particular group of dancers)

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Monday, February 26, 2018

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